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CENTURION INDOOR  SHOOTING Call: 012 664 7628 Estate Firearms Charges:   •	R1000,00 Once off administration fee •	R 960,00 storage fee per firearm per annum(pro-rata is refundable) •	Firearm courier services quoted on request What is STOCK SAFE STORAGE and how does it work:  •	In the event of the death of a firearm owner ,all the firearm that are registered on the deceased must be placed under the custodianship of the executor who is duly appointed by the masters of the high court as per prescripts of the firearm control act 60 of 2000.  •	Centurion Indoor shooting can be of assistance in  terms of safe storage and dealer stocking of estate  firearms on behalf of the executor until the final  decision on the future firearm have been made.  •	In the event the executor wishes to wind down the estate expeditiously, dealer stocking is an ideal option to transfer firearm ownership from the deceased to Centurion Indoor Shooting pending the final instruction by the executor.  Requirements:  •	Completed SAPS534(Supplied by Centurion Indoor Shooting) •	Certified copy of deceased ID document •	Certified copy  of appointed executor ID document •	Master of the High Court executor appointment letter •	Death Certificate •	Instruction letter from executor authorizing CenturionIndoor Shooting to dealer stock the firearm/s •	Original firearm licenses(If not available then a letter from theexecutor mentioning that the firearm licenses could not be found)